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Michael Penrose

Board Member

Michael Penrose

Michael is an experienced leader in humanitarian and crisis management with a background in working for Government, Non Governmental and commercial organisations. Michael has recently been appointed as Executive Director of UNICEF UK. Prior to this, he was Chief Executive of the French humanitarian charity Action Contre La Faim, one of the largest French NGOs, with over 4500 staff operating in over 40 countries.

Michael, who was with ACF from October 2013, has also worked as humanitarian director at Save the Children International, where he lead the development of a global humanitarian team responsible for the development and programming of 600m USD per annum of humanitarian and emergencies revenue. Responsibilities included the integration of 14 independent member emergency and humanitarian teams into a single global humanitarian organisation with over 5000 associated staff members and the development of an organisation-wide strategy for humanitarian and crisis response.

Michael has held positions at the Department for International Development and Oxfam and worked as a consultant to several UN agencies. His roles have involved representation at the most senior level of government, industry and with the United Nations.

He has a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Leicester.