We are excited to have started working with WHO on two studies for the Global Health Cluster looking at Coordination and Collabortion  of the Covid response in humanitarian settings. 


OP has recently finished a review of FCDO/Crown Agents Myanmar HARP-F WASH programmes: Multi-year WASH review



Covid-19 (Coronavirus 19) and Remote Management of Operations

In these extraordinary times organisations are having to rapidly change their approaches to managing operations both globally and at a field level. Headquarters are shut with staff working from home, staff are unable to work due to family commitments and travel is severely restricted. However the obligation to fulfil our mandates and deliver for our beneficiaries has not changed. How can organisations adapt and what can be put in place to make it easier to manage such scenarios in the future?

OP has significant experience of developing systems and process for these very situations and much of what we have developed can be found open source (Global Health Cluster, Relief International). While these examples are specific to ‘high risk conflict environments’ the principles and approaches behind them apply in this situation and should help. If, however, you would like specific advice and support please contact our Managing Director, Andrew Moore, at amoore@theoperationspartnership.com