Humanitarian Response

When disasters strike, we must be ready to rapidly transform programme operations from everyday activities to a large scale response. The more efficiently we can do this, the more people in a crisis we can reach.

David Wightwick, CEO of UK-Med

The Operations Partnership knows from extensive experience that saving lives in an emergency depends on getting the right people to the right place at the right time. We also know from experience how difficult a task this is. This is why we have brought together a network of skilled, qualified people willing and ready to help our clients respond to rapid and slow onset emergencies when they happen. We are on standby to help our clients staff their responses with:

  • Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders
  • Logisticians at multiple levels
  • Field managers
  • HR staff at multiple levels
  • Trainers

Other capacities may be available upon request.

Recognising the importance of teamwork especially in a rapid onset emergency, the Operations Partnership provides a bespoke team deployment service for a very limited number of organisations based on an annual contract. More information is available upon request.