OP is really pleased to be able to share our recently finished report for the Global Health Cluster on the impact of the COVID 19 epidemic on the coordination of the Covid-19 response: Covid-19 Coordination Study

Organisational Development

We provide business consultancy services – with a difference. We bring a unique blend: the best of corporate practices with depth of sector knowledge and experience.

Over the past decade, there has been increasing pressure on the humanitarian and development sector to demonstrate accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. In response, many organisations and firms have been modernising and adapting their structures, systems and processes, often turning to consultancy services for support.

The Operations Partnership provides these business consultancy services – with a difference. We bring a unique blend: the best of corporate practices with depth of sector knowledge and experience. We offer clients end-to-end consulting services to support:

  • Strategic planning, evaluation and advisory services
  • Organisational change management
  • Organisational Theory of Change review and advice
  • Project management

We use organisational development methodologies and approaches that are specifically tailored to the sector because we understand that the sector’s mission, culture and ways of working are distinct. At the same time, we incorporate business approaches that will help drive effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness and relevance.

Partnership Model

Handicap International, Doctors of the World France, Première Urgence Internationale, Solidarités International (DIORU). Supported a consortium of French NGOs to establish models for a long-term partnership framework for responding to emergencies, developing past experiences into a structured, predictable and framed approach.

Strategy Development

Iraq Cash Consortium, Mercy Corp. Supported the Iraq Cash Consortium in developing its three year vision to be a leading national and global cash actor that supports the ability of vulnerable, conflict-affected people to cope and recover from shocks, and influences national and global policies regarding the use of cash-based interventions in conflict contexts. With desk reviews, consultation workshops and final product including an operational theory of changes.

Remote Management Solutions

Global Health Cluster, Relief International, Save the Children, Oxfam GB. Development of Remote Management Frameworks and Alternative Operating Procedures (AOPs) to support operational analysis, operational decision-making, and project cycle management in insecure and access constrained contexts. Conceiving solutions for challenges generated by operating in remote contexts, through the development of guidance, severity risk rating as well as operational tools, articulated with accountability framework and embedded into agencies organisational systems. Read the Health Cluster Guide produced for WHO. OP's Yves-Kim Créac’h and Helen Leidecker recently produced the following article Remote Management: Meeting Operational Challenges. This was presented at the Remote Management Panel Discussion 2018 Interaction Forum in Washington DC.

Operating Model

Save the Children International. Supported Save the Children International to develop a standardised Country Office Operating Model Guide to enable country offices to design, manage and maintain fit-for-purpose programming. The guide was designed as a set of tools for Country Directors and SMTs when solving problems with their structures and ways of working.

Leadership Development

Norwegian Refugee Council. Developed and delivered bespoke mid-management Leadership Management Programme for 150 staff in the Jordan Country Office. The programme combined face to face and online learning using the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s Kaya Platform and mentoring to develop leadership skills.