OP is really pleased to be able to share our recently finished report for the Global Health Cluster on the impact of the COVID 19 epidemic on the coordination of the Covid-19 response: Covid-19 Coordination Study

Associate Consultants

Our Associates characteristically possess significant experience in both the corporate consulting and international development arena, and have worked for a variety of organisations and institutional bodies that are active within the development sector. They bring specific technical expertise as well as operational experience and skills to the group.

Associates are willing to bring contacts to the group as well as actively linking and connecting OP with organisations and stakeholders within the sector.

They can work and invariably do work for other parties or organisations. This has to be disclosed and the associate should ensure that no conflicts of interest exist. Not all work that associates undertake will be or is expected to be conducted through OP. Work brought into OP will be at the discretion of the associate.

Associates would be expected to maintain an awareness of potential work and source work for the group. These pieces of work may well be projects that the proposing associate will lead on, though equally it may occur that other associates and/or consultants will lead and/or implement the project with others in the group.

We regularly run recruitment campaigns to identify new Associates. Consultants are invited to apply and the shortlisted applicants are interviewed and assessed prior to the best candidates being selected.