OP, in collaboration with UK-Med and the FRRHH, have developed, to the Royal College of Edinburgh's education standards, an Introduction to Humanitarian Health Care Online Learning Course launched by the Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare , the Royal College of Surgeons


Our partner, DAI, on the FCDO funded Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa programme has recently launched a project website, with all the latest news and information, which can be viewed at:   TDDA website


Is Covid 19 impacting on the way your organisation operates? Does the current impact look likely to change the way you work post pandemic?  We can help you strategise and design operating models that will work for you: Covid-19 (Coronavirus 19) and Remote Management of Operations


..the new art of NGO work will be to leverage community empowerment & development values out of large time-bound projects that are primarily driven by incentives of delivery, timelines and profit margins.

Hugo Slim, NGOs and The Future: A Think Piece

Our range of bespoke services are tailored to meet your organisational requirements. From strategic planning and advice, organisational change and project management, to delivering the “right people at the right time”, we will ensure that your organisation can meet the changing demands in today’s fast-paced world. We will reduce cost, time and workload and enable you to deliver your own goals.

We use organisational development methodologies and approaches that are specifically tailored to the sector because we understand that the sector’s mission, culture and ways of working are distinct. At the same time, we incorporate business approaches that will help drive effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness and relevance.